My name is Emily, I am a designer, a doodler and a dreamer.

By day I am a graphic designer for an international law firm in Manhattan, by night I am a freelance designer and doodling diva. I currently have multiple projects taking place in my head, including a greeting card business and some fine arts ideas. You can see my portfolio here.

I live in New York City with my husband, MSR, who is the best guy in the whole entire world, and our two kitties, Stewie & Rupert.

I come from a family of artists, my dad, Richard Harrington, is a painter, two of my aunts are designers and my little brother is currently in school for design.

Why The Tuxedo Chronicles?
No, I do not wear tuxedos often, or ever for that matter. My very first design project was a family newsletter that I worked on with my sister called The Black Cat Chronicles, named in honor of our family cat. The Tuxedo Chronicles is named after Stewie, my gray and white tuxedo who has been with me since I first started designing professionally.


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